Pipe caps, the name itself reflects the primary use of these protective caps widely used in industries. The pipe caps are those that are used for the protection of pipes and tubing in various industries, especially beveled ended pipes. By the installation of protective caps on pipes, any damage occurring during the transit or storage can be avoided. The plastic pipe caps are generally resistant to UV rays and therefore can give long lasting performance in industrial harsh environment and to the pipes installed in open areas exposed to sunlight. While the vinyl caps for pipes are usually stretchable products which can be elongated or stretched along to completely cover entire thread or end so that a perfect tight seal can be created.

Pipe caps can be got in various materials makes in the market including plastic caps, vinyl caps etc. This flexibility in availability of pipe caps in different material makes these caps easily installable at the pipes while providing a good protection from wear and tear. With the use of pipe caps various undesired and damaging factors like dust, debris and moisture can be kept away from the pipe for a better performance. Both vinyl pipe caps and plastic caps come in different sizes and shapes and therefore can be selected as per the choicest installation needs. There are pipe end caps available in square, rectangle and round shapes and therefore can very well satisfy the individual’s requirements for caps of required shapes. By the use of appropriate pipe caps, the pipes can therefore be well protected from harmful factors which can depreciate their performance period.

The plastic pipe end caps usually have good tensile strength and are therefore good protection for the pipes used in harsh industrial environments where wear and tear could be a critical problem. The PVC plastic pipe end caps will safeguard the ends of the pipes so that they do not get damaged when in constant motion or get rubbed against each other. The pipe end caps made of vinyl are usually lesser in costs as compared to the plastic caps. However, to buy plastic caps and plugs online, please visit http://www.kelvindale.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=58.


Pipe caps are very important for the protection of pipes used in harsh industrial environments. They safeguard the pipes from harmful damaging factors like dust, debris, misture, wear and tear and others. Those looking for pipe caps can find the best caps online at http://www.kelvindale.com.au/. Kelvindale Products Pty. Ltd is a protective caps and plugs manufacturer and supplier offering high quality threaded, non threaded, plastic, vinyl, silicone caps and plugs for various industrial applications.  

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Article Source: http://www.kelvindale.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72:information-about-the-pipe-caps--vinyl-caps-plastic-pipe-end-caps&catid=34:articles&Itemid=72



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